Dockers Podcast Survives to 3rd Episode

In an interview today Sole Show Creator Psykokow claimed it was an unrivalled success, and that Lave Radio and all the haters can hate it all the way to the bank.

Rumours of a legal battle raging behind the show about creative control have been dismissed as a load of rubbish by the amazingly talented Psykokow.

“Some people always have to try to claim credit for things they haven’t done, that is all this legal battle is…. it will soon be quashed’


We contacted Winnard Productions to get their side…

“This bloody Psykokow takes credit for everything, My third child IS NOT HIS!!!!! No matter what he says… He’s never even met my wife!!!”


We will report back with more as soon as we have it…


3 thoughts on “Dockers Podcast Survives to 3rd Episode”

  1. Mr. Kow may not have met your wife but unless I am mistaken a certain Mr. David Broobin has. Does your child have a propensity for hitting people in the face with mugs? Well?

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