Dockers Live at Lavecon 2014

Dockers Live at Lavecon 2014


To those of you asking yourselves that question arising from this episode.

‘How did Jack get out of Finn’s room?’

I have an answer for you………

Imagine this…

The sheer amount of lube and sweat oozing from the body of Finn Gerrin was sufficient to allow Jack to slip beneath the door and escape.


David Brooben was annoyed about the sheer lack of cargo handlers and after a breif investigation mugged the security guard and let Jack Out.


Jack sufficiently starved and ‘over exercised’ lost so much weight in a few hours that he hid in an empty pizza box and again escaped under the doorway.


If you find these answers insufficient, then I am sorry, the predictive story telling of the future can sometimes leave little gaps, that due to relevance can be missed.

Rest assured we will work diligently to find out how Jack got out, but you can always ask him yourself…

his email address is

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