Dockers Cast Perform Live at Lavecon ’14

It was a wonderful event where the universe of Elite slammed full on head first into the people of Kettering, leaving their shields depleted and hulls critical..  the upshot?  Total Surrender to the epic-ness of ELITE: Dangerous.


From early on, we had Kerrash introducing the world of ‘Kettering’ to Elite Dangerous, then Ben took us through a modern version of the original Elite called oolite, along with the oolite creator Giles.  With Drew Wagar and Dave Hughs describing their involvement in the development and fiction surround oolite it wasn’t long before the Retro Lave team interupted to bring some chaos to the proceedings.

In True retro lave style.. nothing blooming worked, wiki was referenced and ultimately someone rage quitted…  then we turned on the audience and attempted to test docking skills in an Amiga version of Elite.. with failures from Michael Brookes…


Then it was time for the main Lave Radio show, where the Orange Sidewinder team demonstrated why editing is so important…

Dev Q&A’s, Authors Q&A and Read throughs…an exclusive listen to the concluding episode of Chris Jarvis and The Radio Theatre Workshop’s ‘Escape Velocity’.. and then it was late…….. and that’s when the Dockers come out…


To a chorus of “MUG!” and a crowd of at least 6…….. cast members, we took to the main stage and let loose a special version of Dockers for Lavecon ’14 event.  As everyone had just eaten a very welcome pile of pizza’s the crowd was full of nervous energy and gas, the jokes went down well and the Dockers cast felt a huge boost in confidence as it was clear our quirks and colours to the Elite universe where not only accepted, but welcomed.

dockers live

listen now here:


The Rest of the Event was full of Mugs with the occasional reply from an Imperial Senator of ‘Fruit Bowl’ and ‘Ice Sculpture’,

Sunday was a more relaxed day, with event’s ongoing in the Lan room, A live Twitch Stream by Kerrash and introduction to the cast of the upcoming Elite based movie adapted from the Official Elite Dangerous novel by Allen Stroud ‘Elite: Lave Revolution’.


Then a very long raffle to give away a massive pile of booty, generosity beyond all expectations… leading into the last event of the con… a live Audio Drama, adapted from  Chris Booker’s Crossing the Line from Elite: Tales from the Frontier, with true live performed sound effects, plus some pre-recorded sounds, they displayed how audio drama used to be performed.

A great story a great performance to end the event on.

Off we head home with Elite echoing in our ears, and a pile of new friends in our facebook pages.  All we want now is Lavecon ’15.


Here are some handy links

Official Lavecon ’14 Facebook page and photo’s

The Radio Theatre Workshop

Elite OFFICIAL Fiction [published by Fantastic Books]  (Also available on Amazon)

Lave Radio Homepage (Podcast available on itunes)


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