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BS NEWS LIVE – Episode 1

BS News Episode 1




Teddy: Hello Im Teddy Ryde

Randy: And I’m Randy Berger

Teddy: Tonight we kick off with our main headline story.

After weeks of uncertainty the FIS Blockade around Barnards star station has finally been lifted.

With the suspects still at large Agents are still no closer to finding the terrorists responsible for the assassination of the yankeedoodle president.

Randy :  Agents have questioned a number of station staff and clients in an attempt to find a lead but as yet have come up empty handed.

Teddy:  Station commander Sarah Connor Churchill was enraged with the lack of any evidence to support the blockades continuation and immediately ordered its dissolution.

Randy:  The government of yankeedoodle supposedly with close ties to the Cronus corporation have yet to release a statement but as yet no date has been set to Elect a new yankeedoodle president. The Vice president remains silent within the customs of yankeedoodle presidential death tradition.


Teddy: In recent Station News, many patrons of the stations bars were celebrating today as the first  Jinx deliveries arrived since the blockade was lifted.

IT caused so much excitement One old timer had to be prized off the ship by numerous staff after trying to suck Jinx from the ship out of its exhaust.  He did not require any treatment and no charges were raised.


Randy:  The Station has sustained some minor structural damage this week after a Space Ship materialised inside on of the Stations Bars.  The thargoid and Fer-de-lance bar is one of the stations finest bars and after recent troubles with security forces a full sized space craft manage to appear inside the bar.  Rumours of it spread quickly through the station but the reports where confirmed after the aforementioned ship made its spectacular exit through the bar’s observation deck windows.

Teddy: Station Docking Control have warned that persistent debris from the incident is causing problems for ships docking at the station. One ship reported damage sustained by a floating 4D pool table and  found themselves propelled back through time to a week last Tuesday.

Randy: A cloud of noxious gas is also reported to have originated from the troubled bar area and patrons are advised to stay away whilst repairs are done.  A 500,000 credit fine has been issued and paid and further investigations are ongoing to see if any further actions need to be taken against the pilot responsible.

Teddy:  Bar Manager Garthyre was incensed by the scale of the damage but a regular patron has stumped up a large payment to help restore the bar to its original glory.  The only headache facing the bar is if repairs can’t be completed in time to host the Susan Boils global tour in October. Tickets are still available at 15 credits each remembering should you manage to attend the full concert you can cash the ticket in for 20 credits compensation.


Randy : The lotto offices on Spamelottixia were robbed today by an nefarious imperial. The Imperials have been quiet recently but tensions in the area increased when the suspect got away with roughly 30 million in credits. System Security have said this was obviously a planned robbery, with toxic chemical weapons being used to devastating effect. several security officers were rushed to the local hospital after the attack. The Empire spokesperson for Camelottixia has stated this is not a planned attack and that the Empire had nothing to do with it. but this attack has strained relations between the two sides. Just moments before the attack one lucky lotto winner picked up his 2 million credit winnings preferring to remain anonymous he did make this statement ‘Wear onesies its the future’ It is unknown which system produced the winner.


Story 4: BS News has received a report stating that the Radioactive waste being dumped in the slough system has now reached its highest level in twenty years. The report by the federal cleanliness agency listed Slough as the number one choice for fly tipping in the galaxy, with radio-actives being the highest cause of concern. Slough residents are reportedly fed up with their system being used as a rubbish dump. One female spokesperson for the Slough system made this statement  ‘Slough isn’t all bad we do have some great areas too’ B.S news can not confirm the reports of Slough having great areas but can confirm its a great area to dump. Federal Agents have also withdrawn the use of Orange sidewinders in the Slough system saying its just too dangerous and the residents of Slough should take more responsibility for their system.


Sports news 1: The 109th Galaxy cup of soccer started today with the Barnards Star team in action, the event is causing some controversy due to the low gravity of the Brassix system and the inclement weather that has been reported GIFA is looking into the only goal scored in the match when Barnard Star striker Nox Yusarz kicked the ball 34,000ft in the air, the opposition Leesti complained that in the 32 mins the ball took to come down the half time whistle had blown and that the players were off the pitch when the ball came down and rolled gently into the net. The Manager for Barnards Star Bert Yoorgy has said as the ball was kicked before the whistle was blown the goal should stand. In todays other match Diso Beat Sol by 4 goals to nil.


Sports news 2: the G1 season due to start in the next month has seen some controversy with the banning of a technology that has not been verified as even existing. Shytespeed drives will not be allowed for the forthcoming season with ships having to compete using standard drives only. With only a few known cases of Shytespeed happening in the galaxy it seems a premature ban


Weather: A small meteorite shower will move in over night which will cause some minor clanging on Barnards Star Station. Planet side there is currently a snow storm over Birmingham world this has lead to increased traffic around the station with a few minor accidents being reported. Station Traffic control have asked for your patience as they try to deal with the large backlog of ships due to the FIS blockade which was lifted this week. Outskirts, on the edge of the system a corrosive nebulous gas has appeared in the last few days ships are being told to avoid the phenomenon as the weather agency’s nebular hunter ship dissolved when it flew inside to take a reading.