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Sports Update

There are some exciting fixtures this week in our new Sport Focus segment of BS news we give you the inside information that you need to place your bets wisely

Barnard Star Barnacles v Ross 128

Diso Divas v Vaquess Empire

Eta Cassopeia Caledonian Cabers v Sirius Cowdogs

Leesti Drones v Riedquat Planet

Lave Sidewinders v Slough Rangers

Sol United v Stroudberry Asteroids

Real Zanonce v Prism Gladiators

Archenar Imperials v Castor Comrades

This is the last week of fixtures before the GA Cup 1st round on Week 10.

Barnards star are the in form team at the moment so expect a win against Ross 128. Diso are struggling at the moment having lost both forwards this season and are lacking options up front at this moment.

Sirius have every chance of getting something out of the Eta Cassopiea game. Leesti games usually end in draws so unless riedquat can break down that solid defensive game I see a 0-0 here.

Lave having got a new sponsor this week could fancy their chances against a mediocre slough team, but slough are always up for this match due to the ongoing rivalry between the two systems over the dumping issue.

Stroudberry are rumoured to be in the hunt for a new midfielder and have lacked penetration this season up front, where as Sol have been inconsistant but have racked up a few wins recently.

Real Zanonce are usually flying high at this part of the season but are having a tough season so far and the challenge of Prism Gladiators could be a close encounter my money would be on Zanonce at home in this encounter but could go either way.

Achernar have played well this season and with most of their tougher fixtures out of the way for a while expect them to start winning on a more regular basis, however castor are not to be written off although it has to be said their away record has been less than perfect this year.

G1 Racing Preview With Steve O’Dull

Hello G1 fans Steve O’Dull here and this week we’re off to the FU46 System, more commonly known as just FU for a new track in the calender.

This track also marks the first asteroided track of the calender and it will be interesting to see how the rookie drivers cope with the uncertaincy of a track that changes with each lap.

FU is replacing Regulus for this season as repairs and upgrades are made, after 1st practice today Mianus is pounding around the track trying to get some speed out of what has been a lackluster season for them so far, Fuctifino have been on the pace all year and Holly Fock set the fastest time. however Jenny taylia has been sticking in some good times and with rumours abound that she is about to make a switch to Mianus, and who wouldn’t like to see Jenny Taylia in Mianus.

Fonda Dix has been steady so far not really showing his hand as far as speed goes and seems to be banging away on the laps trying to work out race strategies Arden Long is the new driver who replaces Dick Scott Wood who sadly passed away at last weeks race.

Arden Long comes from G3 races and slips in nicely into wood’s old ship. If I had to choose a winner of this race I would go with Fock but a good bet would be to take Jenny Taylia each way.